Wittur Group and Cadmes

Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. (DS SolidWorks) today announced that the Wittur Group, the world’s leading elevator component supplier, has standardized on SolidWorks Enterprise PDM and installed 550 licenses. The Wittur Group will use SolidWorks Enterprise PDM for document and workflow management to unify and organize its global offices more transparently. Its goals are improved teamwork between designers, optimized development processes, and more secure and efficient data management through a consolidated database.

The Wittur Group’s products include doors, safety components and gearless drives, cars, slings, counterweight frames, and hydraulic drives. The components are used in standardized as well as in highly frequented complexes for weights, in public transport or in maritime facilities such as ships or oil rigs. It has been designing with SolidWorks CAD software for several years. The company had used three different PDM/PLM systems to manage its rapidly growing design database, but standardized on SolidWorks Enterprise PDM because it needed an integrated data management system.

“Our strong and long-standing relationship with SolidWorks, the software’s user-friendly interface, low operational costs, and potential to save time and money were the deciding factors,” said Reinhard Böhm, Global Project Manager PDM at the Wittur Group. “By standardizing on SolidWorks, we can establish a continuously efficient product data management system, which serves the entire development process. This benefits not only our customers, who attain high-quality, reliable, and secure products with appealing design, but also all Wittur employees, who can access a consistent data pool.”

Wittur built a global infrastructure based on SolidWorks Enterprise PDM with a central database and distributed file servers. With the company-wide VPN, the employees can access current product and process information anytime and from anywhere. In addition to the document management process, Wittur also wants to improve the company’s workflow management with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM in the future. The company plans to connect SolidWorks Enterprise PDM to the existing CAD, Office, and ERP solutions, and set up bill of materials management company wide. “The switch to SolidWorks Enterprise PDM should increase the productivity of our existing CAD tools as well as provide an integrated platform for an optimized product development,” Böhm said. “By creating a standardized document archive and a close network of our international sites, we expect to significantly improve collaboration with customers and suppliers.”

“We are pleased about Wittur’s decision to revitalize its CAD and PDM landscape completely with SolidWorks solutions,” said Jeroen Buring, PDM sales manager, Central Europe at DS SolidWorks. “Together with our sales and implementation partners, we supply everything from one single source and support Wittur in the realization of its strategic plans to optimally prepare the company for a successful future.”

The project was carried out in cooperation with the authorized SolidWorks reseller and the certified SolidWorks partner CADMES B.V. CADMES was responsible for the implementation of the solution.