Automates common engineering tasks

Have you ever mixed up references (old part linked to new drawing) when renaming a model and drawing? Wouldn’t it be helpful to automatically provide job preparation with basic product information like dimensions, number of bends and weight? Are you still using an Excel list for numbering your models because SOLIDWORKS EPDM cannot handle your numbering

If this sounds familiar, the Enterprise Productivity Pack is the solution. It adds several power functions, extending SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS EPDM functionality in these fields. This prevents common errors and frees up time because data does not have to be corrected.

Automatic extraction of relevant information for production, like cutting contours and number of bends.

Extends the functionality of EPDM to allow for more complex numbers with separators.
A Modulo 97 check is added for additional verification.

Automatically renames related drawings and prevents errors in renaming models.

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