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New solution
Microsoft SharePoint is a common platform for sharing documents in many organisations. To use best of both worlds, Cadmes offers the EPDM SharePoint Link which enables publication of documents from EPDM to SharePoint, including PDM-related information. > >

PDM in education
When I was in my first year of technical university, I enjoyed the Friday afternoons when we had “technical drawing” lessons. We were drawing on drawing boards with pencil. (A Rotring ink pen was mandatory not before the second year) ... > >

Product Data Management
We have done many PDM implementations over the last decade and still one of the most intriguing dilemmas is the question about who should have access to product data.
On one hand everybody agrees that people need good information about how to build a product. PDM helps ... > >

Global Design Network
Leading elevator components supplier Wittur implements 550 licenses of the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM solution to Create a Global Collaboration Network of Designers... > >

About CADMES Enterprise Solutions B.V.

CADMES is a certified SolidWorks service partner, headquartered in the Netherlands.

Its multilingual team and long standing experience in migration projects make CADMES Enterprise Services a competent partner in the implementation of PDM strategies.

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